Bart Gulley has spent a lifetime exploring three traditions: fine art, graphic design, and architecture. For much of his 40-year painting career he saw these traditions as being opposed. But for the last 10 years his work has drawn from across all three disciplines to extend and enrich the American vernacular.

Bart presently works in two media, oil painting and collage.

Bart's painting is informed by years of landscape painting and figure drawing. This has given Bart a structural intuition that later allowed him quick access to chromatic and graphic distinctions that meld reality with abstraction, playing optically with figure and ground, architecture and space, color and spacial perception. 

With his collages Bart creates unexpected compositions characterized by strong contrasts and abrupt juxtapositions of shape, scale and material. He says, “Chance plays a role here. I try to make new discoveries without predetermined outcomes. This spontaneous and direct approach ultimately serves a highly deliberative image. I lose one type of imagery in order to find another – one that weds intuited sensation to analytical intention.” 

Bart notes that an underlying consistency underpins all his work, whatever the medium. “I’m interested in how relationships get set up and in the language that’s created in the interaction between process and intent. My primary purpose is to make abstract works that resemble the concrete – that have an essential physical force.”

Critic Dominique Nahas says: “Gulley’s attention to the phenomenal and the analytical permeates his thought and process, and emerges as one of his signature aesthetic strategies. By uncovering structural relationships between oppositional qualities that are felt simultaneously, he creates internal landscapes and geometries that derive from the real, but rely upon multiple viewpoints ... There is nothing casual in Gulley’s work; his paintings make manifest a stringent mindfulness in which fastidious buoyancy, unexpected flexibility and lightness of being become imminent.”

Bart Gulley has exhibited throughout the US. He has received grants from Skowhegan, the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts and The Millay Colony for the Arts. Bart has a BFA from Pratt Institute and an MFA from Queens College, NY, where he studied with Robert Pincus-Witten. He taught painting and drawing at the Parsons School of Design from 1990 to 1995. He is presently based in Chatham, NY where his studio is a large restored barn.
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